SPORTSATTACK – Total Attack (three-wheeled machine)


*順豐快遞送貨 (貨到自行繳付運費)
將使用順豐快遞, 收貨才付運費, 所有資料以順豐快遞為準。




Total Attack Volleyball Machine (includes 1 Ball bag and Frame)

The new 3-wheeled Total Attack Volleyball Machine was designed under the direction of top international and collegiate coaches to provide sidespin and increased power to match the highest level of play.

Breaking side-spin serves at exclusive professional speeds; also top spins and floaters. Can’t be matched for top-level serve receive repetition. Makes change of spin and speed quickly with a turn of dials, minimizing receiver anticipation. Total court coverage for all defensive and offensive drills including digging, spiking, and setting. Speeds up to 90 MPH.